Monday, April 29, 2013


What.  A.  Weekend.

It started out just wonderful, we went to the Chris Young concert in Southaven on Friday night, where I got my fair food fix and we got to hear some good live country music, and all was good

Mr. R may have enjoyed himself more than the rest of us ;) 

Then Saturday for ONCE fiancé didn't have to work at the stables (he volunteers at the state park 7-6 Saturday and Sunday, which is great for him, but leaves me lonesome all weekend.  but it was a little rainy, so no horses!).  We set out to look at furniture for our new apartment... and FINALLY got my...


I knew exactly what I wanted.  And it does not exist.  Two straight across, NOT channel set bands.  Prong settng, NO break for my solitaire engagement ring.  Since it didn't exist, we bought two bands and had them soldered together.  So.  Stinking.  Excited!

Ug... Then.  In the midst of running errands, we decided to stop by Walgreens and pick up my prescription for cough medicine.  I've had an irritating cough and my doctor sent me some cough meds.  We had just had lunch and figured I'd be fine to take it.  Within half an hour, I was LOOPY.  Laughing, SOBBING hysterically.  I got really upset in the makeup aisle that our grandmothers had both passed away and would never wear lipstick again...uh.  Wacky tobaccy much?  Then I was really absurdly happy that there was watermelon for sale.  I mean.  Homegirl needed to go home.  Then a few minutes later after my emotional rollercoaster, I started projectile vomiting.  Which did not stop until 2 am.  Thaaaanks codeine.  Never.  Again.  I'll just keep coughing.  

This was seriously the worst reaction I've ever had to medicine, and it was TERRIBLE.  . Ruined my weekend :(  

In other parts of my life....

The view from our new apartment in Mississippi!

Y'all.  This is the most addicting game ever.  Download.  NOW.  

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  1. I seriously loveee Chris Young! and so want to see him in concert. I swear he doesn't get enough praise in the music industry! His voice is amazing...