Monday, April 29, 2013

Maid of Honor Speech

When I was little, my mom used to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then because she knew it was Dad’s and my favorite. I remember one night in particular she made breakfast for dinner after a long, hard day working at the hospital. That night, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed. Yet all my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my mom and ask us how our day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly all over that burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing and never made a face or uttered a word about it. When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits, and I'll never forget what he said: "Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then. These are just right." When I went to say good night to my Dad, I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He said to me, "Your Mom had a rough day at work and was exhausted when she came home today. Yet she still had a warm, home cooked meal on the table ready for us to eat by dinnertime. So do I like burned biscuits? Well today I love them. Besides, a burned biscuit never hurt anyone.” The older I get, the more I think about the appreciation and respect my Dad has for my mom. She’s his everything. My Dad is by no means the perfect husband, but he knows what it means to be a loyal, loving, and supportive companion. Life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people. I'm not the best at anything, and I forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events just like everyone else. But one thing I have learned over the years is that learning to accept other's faults, and choosing to celebrate each other's differences, is the key to creating a healthy, lasting relationship. Be it a husband-wife, parent-child, or friendship--understanding is the base of any relationship. So after you both take the plunge, tie the knot, and marry the man of your dreams in a few weeks, don't forget to say: "Pass me a biscuit babe, and yes the burned one will do just fine."

"Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, but the important thing for you to remember is you'll never be alone in it again."

My best friend Chrissy sent this to me and our other best friend, Zoe today.  She has the honor (or pressure haha) of being maid of honor in both of our weddings in the next month.  She's the perfect person for the job, and we couldn't be more honored.  

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