Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback to College


Every day I wonder why I'm not still in college....
Why i don't still spend every summer lifeguarding on the Jersey shore getting burnt to a crisp and partying all night until 5 am then working 7-7.

With the nicest most amazeballs sweet girls ever

In clubs where you literally just might see Snooki.

Why I don't get to dress up as a lifeguard...

Or a lumberjack...

Or cowboys and Indians?

On a bi-weekly basis?  Where's college now that I need it?

Where are the best friends EVER?

Where's my dad in his shades and my srat house love?

Where's Christmas in the Country, the opportunity to drink Shnapps and hot cocoa by a bonfire and dress like reindeer and santa?

Ho ho ho... I miss college...

Why don't I get to wear cocktails on a biweekly basis anymore?

Why don't I get to wear too-tall heels and too-short dresses?

Why don't I get to take pictures that shouldn't have been reproduced?

Why don't I get to take pictures at frat houses in ridiculously terrible gold leggings?
Why don't I get to dress up in animal masks with my srat family.  Yeah I love college. ayy.
Shooweee do I miss getting to decorate for big little week.  

I.  Adored.  Being.  A.  Big.  Sister

Seriously  Love.  Red.  hot.  Chi.  O.

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