Thursday, April 25, 2013


As I mentioned  few posts ago (Wedding and Marriage Planning) my fiancé and I moved in together last October.  He moved in with a roommate I had already been living with for about a year and a half in Memphis, and she and I already had a lease that lasted through this coming May.  Rather than us breaking our lease, and since we already have a really great 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Memphis, he just moved in and reduced everyone's rent significantly for the next 7 months.

3 of us squeezed in this aparment has not been ideal, but she has been wonderful putting up with an engaged couple living in her space and she and I get along well so it has worked out fine for the time being.  The cheap rent makes it workable for all ;)

He and I have been looking at spaces and are SO excited about the prospect of finally getting to move into our own space in May.  As much as it has been fun to go to pre-marital counseling, decorate our bedroom, learn to cook and clean together... This has never at all felt like our space.  We share the smallest bedroom, our bathroom is the guest bathroom off of the kitchen, our closet is teeny-tiny (his clothes are in the bathroom closet (have I mentioned he is the nicest man in the world?)... This move is going to be amaze-balls.

We have finally found our space for next year and although we do not have any intentions of having children for a long while, I have already begun nesting.  I just feel like we are starting our family June 8th and I cannot wait to make this space ours.  We are allowed to paint at our new place (what a luxury!) and I can't wait to make our huge master suite homey, our kitchen bright, our living room homey and our guest bedroom welcoming.

I've been scouring pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and am so excited!  Does anyone have ides for what they've done with a small space to make it more welcoming?

Our new apartment is on a golf course, so we have a gorgeous view overlooking lakes and woods.  Our patio has a divine view of water and trees.  I.  cannot.  wait.

I want to make a wall of maps of places we love/have traveled and lived/gone to school (so that includes Memphis, Mississippi, Atlanta, Virginia, Spain, Maine, a few places in Maryland, Portugal, England...)

Image Source and Inspiration
I'd also love to (probably in our kitchen?) print out a bunch of encouraging and happy quotes and do a wall of quotes.

Image Source and Inspiration

I want to paint at least one accent wall in every room, and maybe all the walls in some rooms.  I want our bedroom to be grey, so it is not too girly.  I like this dark soothing grey.

Image Source/Inspiration

This year, I reupholstered our kitchen chairs and it was SO easy.  I just used Chris' nail gun and took off the seat cushions, used scissors to cut fabric squares of cute cheap fabric and nailed them back on.  But now that I know it's so eaasy, I am itching to do it again!  I think I might take them all off, paint the wood chairs white, the table maybe a bright fun color (or maybe white...not sure), sand it so it's distressed looking, and do each chair in a different fun fabric!

How was your first married/living together apartment?  Any fun stories?  Fun decorating ideas?

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  1. Im genuinely excited for you! Ican also relate to your situation.