Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why I quit Birchbox

Every blog seems to love subscription services lately.  Who wouldn't?  We all love mail, and paying once a month to get a fun package that you don't quite expect but are highly anticipating- so fun!

After reading blog after blog about the wonder of birchbox ( ) about a year and a half ago I felt like I had to try it.  I signed up, waited on the waitlist for a while and got an email that my monthly subscription would be coming the next month.

Then came month after month of delayed packages and lost packaged.  I have a roommate and we both ordered it at the same time, and would get our shipping confirmations at the same time.  However, our packages would arrive three weeks to a month apart.  Two or three times the packages never arrived, and we had to call and get a second package shipped.  Their customer service department was sweet as can be, but this hassle wasn't worth the products I got.

I love makeup and trying new makeup, and am fine with perfume now and then.  But every month I would get a perfume sample, often the same Juicy Couture one I had received before.  These are the same perfume samples you can pick up for free if you go into Nordstrom and ask for them- so that was frustrating.  Additionally, you do not get "deluxe" samples, you get small packets of face wash and body cream, that often are good for half of one use and there is barely anything in the packet.  No thank you!  I wanted more out of my subscription service.

I started searching...

Bring in the ipsy glam bag !  This subscription service is only $10 a month ( same price as Birchbox) but offers deluxe samples, high-end makeup (think Nars orgasm blush, great quality mascara, actual bottles of lotions and hand creams- amazing things!).  Not only that- but each month in your package you get an adorable little cosmetic bag to tote your cute new things around.  They come packaged in these cute little cosmetic pouches, which are so useful for the pool, beach, or my bag for work!

The March glam bag was a precious anchor print and came with some amazing scores.  Unlike Birchbox, everyone gets the same thing- so you won't see a blog post where some famous blogger got high end cosmetics and you got last months things again (cough Birchbox!).  Shown above is March's glambag, where I received a pouch of to-go makeup removers- so useful!  Then there was a magnetic compact with some wonderful eyeshadows by GlamRX and a mirror, and a deluxe (key word here ladies...) spray bottle of organic hydrating mist for face or hair.  So fun and useful!  

What do you think?  Do you love your Birchbox?  Have you tried other subscription services?  

I also adore julep for a monthly nail polish and beauty supply fix, and am currently OBSESSED with pvBody or Ellie (their company just switched names)- a $50 a month designer workout clothing subscription where you can pick your clothes or have them pick an outfit. 

How do you feel about subscription services?  What's your favorite?

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  1. I have never done Birchbox, but was talking with a friend about it last week. I have been hesitant bc I have such, such sensitive skin and can't use hardly anything on my face. They said you can like "personalize" your options, buttt after reading your post, I'm not so sure, haha. I will have to look into ipsy!