Thursday, April 4, 2013

High Five for Friday

My first High Five for Friday Post!

1.  We live fifteen hours (at least!) from all of our family and friends back home, so care packages are always welcomed with open hearts and a sweet reminder of the wonderful people who love us and raise us.  My sweet Great Aunt Grace sent me the most darling package as she was cleaning out her house.  I worked at a Mexican restaurant in high school (bring on the chips and salsa addiction!) and she thought of me when she found a collection of hispanic-styled cooking supplies and shipped them to us for our new kitchen.  So sweet!
2.  Our closet completely came CRASHING down in the middle of the night.  But it's a high five because I did some major cleaning out, aka now I justified going on some major online shopping sprees and got more of my favorite shirts (urban outfitters daydreamer la - they are a DREAM to wear with anything.  Similar fabric and fit to those fabulous PIKO shirts everyone is talking about, at a fraction of the cost.  I seriously have multiples, in every color.  And 3 black, and 2 grey.  Not a problem at all...)

3.  After days on days of color-coordinated spreadsheets and address-checking from the West Coast to England, our wedding invitations are all DONE and MAILED OUT.  Check!

4.  I teach seventh grade science and my kids and I had a BLAST playing Connect Four on the smartboard as a review game of cell organelles.  Love when the kids actually connect with a lesson :) 

5.  Tonight for dinner Chris and I ordered in sushi and Chinese, and this was his fortune.  Perfect, because we got reminded that there are only 63 short days until our wedding - thus 64 short days until our Caribbean honeymoon cruise.  Take me away to warm sand beaches and a margarita, please!

What are your high fives for Friday?

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