Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Judging by my last post, I have had a not so wonderful week.  Finding out I no longer have a job for next year, less than two months away from my wedding... Not the best week of my life.  But I am trying to look on the bright side.  God has a plan for my fiancé and myself, and we will figure it out in His time.  For now, I am on a National Science Teacher's Association conference in San Antonio, which has  been a wonderful blessing of a retreat from real life.

I got the terrible news about my job on Monday, and flew out of Memphis bright and early Tuesday morning.  What a needed break from school!
Monday night before I left, fiancé and I went out for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite places in Midtown Memphis - Young Avenue Deli.  He's so sweet and knew I needed a treat after my terrible day.  
Then to make my day even BETTER, we went to the best place ever known to man...
Jerry's Sno Cones.  Life changing good.  I get the Shrek, which is green apple and caramel with ice cream inside.  Mmmm.  If you're ever in Memph, let me know and I will take you - my treat!  I will eat jerry's on the daily if given the option!

Last weekend I scored this ADORBS hair barrette from Urban Outfitters and it matches my hair color perfectly, and looks as if I did that complicated bow hair-do floating around pinterest, minus some mad skills.  Gotta love it!  


This sweet fellow was waiting in the San Antonio airport greeting people... Oh howdy y'all.  
Check out that hat and those boots, that vest... Oh herroooo.   You know you're in Texas when...
Not  that I can talk... Here's my fiancé before he went off to work last Saturday:
How's your week?  What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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